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Almost 10 years later, #GodsPolitics by Jim Wallis is still one of my favorite books! #ICanReadChallenge

Al Jazeera’s ‘Rebel Architecture’ on Spain’s ‘Guerrilla Architect’

The first episode of Al Jazeera’s new series “Rebel Architecture” — featuring architects who use design as a form of resistance and activism — featured Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda. Based in Seville, Cirugeda reclaims abandoned urban spaces for the public, even though the act of “self-building” is very illegal in Spain. Cirugeda’s buildings serve a social function and are…

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Watch “Invisible” 3D DOOM Stingers! - WIRed #114 by The PractitioNERD on Blip

WWE to Release ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD Collection!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the WWE is preparing to release the upcoming DVD collection based on “The Man They Call STING” — no, not THAT guy, THIS guy. The new title is titled “The Best of Sting,” and it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray next month. As of latest word this is a WCW-heavy match compilation with more than 30 bouts featured on the DVD version alone! Those span Sting’s career from…

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This ATM That Plays Doom Would Make Trips to the Bank So Much Better

This ATM That Plays Doom Would Make Trips to the Bank So Much Better

I can recall playing the id classic Doom on a myriad of devices, from computers, to home consoles (the SNES) and even on some portable systems, but could you imagine walking up to the ATMs at a local branch of your bank (or federal credit union; FCU’s FTW!) and after making a deposit, withdraw or transfer, you could play a few rounds of Doom? Well ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the work of a pa…

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Solidoodle Press: An Affordable 3D Printer That Looks Like a Home Appliance

Solidoodle Press: An Affordable 3D Printer That Looks Like a Home Appliance

I love that 3D printers have become all the rage (as well as the very awesome ways that the technology is being implemented), but aesthetically speaking, the bothersome thing about 3D printers is their look.  Many of them (if not MOST of them) just look like old, giant weird machines that don’t quite fit in with your office interior design plan, living room or anything along those line (sans a…

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