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Prac-tit-ion-NERD: (n) 1. One of superior skills or intellect who practices something, especially an hobby, topic, occupation, profession, or technique, that does not conform to society's beliefs and trends, and who will make a radical change in the world.
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#TBT Every time I took down my twists, my hair looked like this… #DiscoInferno #DoTheHustle #ThrowbackThursday

Bryan Danielson vs. Paul London: 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match

Remember when I talked about professional wrestling possibly being the greatest form of performance art in world?

Welcome to San Antonio… #SMH #Roadwork #Traffic

PBS’ Game/Show on How Net Neutrality Effects Gaming

I’ve covered PBS Digital Studios’ YouTube series Game/Show before regarding the harm fanboys/fangirls cause the gaming industry…

So I cut my hair recently & the clippers jumped from the 1/8” guard… #Fail #RollWithThePunches #Buzzcut

BEHOLD the Shape-Shifting Robots from MIT!

Insert Google/Skynet joke here; I’m too tired to do it this time…

While the real-world and fictional robots we’re used to seeing are typically very rigid, it may not be ideal for some tasks.  We can create robotic machines that can contort and maneuver themselves to fit into smaller spaces while STILL remaining sturdy enough for…

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