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Turn an Old Cassette Tape into an MP3 Player

Make an MP3 Player Out of an Old Cassette

One of the things I loved the most of watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” was Star-Lord’s use of his old-school Walkman(in name only), which brought back memories of carrying around my old Sony Walkman and jamming to the Boomerang soundtrack I own on cassette.  Of course, the times of the portable cassette player have passed, first by the portable compact disc (CD) player, then the MP3 player…

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Al Jazeera’s “Rebel Architecture” showcases “Working on Water”

The last time we discussed Al Jazeera’s new series ‘Rebel Architecture’, the topic was on Spain’s ‘Guerilla Architect’, and this time, as we take a look back at the series, we’re gonna discuss architectural structures that float on water. It’s not quite walking on water, but it’ll do since this story in just incredibly interesting.  In Nigeria, architect Kunlé Adeyemi has been designing floating…

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WOOOOOOO!! ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair on ‘Uncle Grandpa’


So, the Hall-of-Famer Ric Flair was unable to introduce the world to “The Artist Formerly Known As” KENTA at the most recent NXT Takeover: Fatal-4-Way event on the awesome WWE Network (in which NXT is the better brand over RAW and SmackDown, one could argue) due to medical reasons which included a medical procedure. Sure it would have been cool to see, but health and safety first, boys and…

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City of Alamogordo to Auction off 800 Atari Cartridges


Apparently digging up these copies of the much-maligned game was much easier than trying to get out of the pits in the ACTUAL E.T. game on the Atari 2600. Those things were practically impossible to get out of!

Anyway, that landfill was the spot in which Atari dumped truckloads of merchandise around midnight in 1983 after Atari’s game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial tanked in a tough market,…

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